Cyclovia Nogales is free for everyone

There is no registration fee, no “mass start” or finish. It is not a race, rather it is a day 0S3 Movement, our sponsors and partners work hard to create just for you to get out and enjoy the sights, sounds and sense of community here in Nogales.

Host an Activity at Cyclovia

Fun, entertaining activities that get people moving and connecting to one another are a big part of Cyclovia Nogales. We depend on businesses and organizations to host an activity that promotes movement, and engages event participants. Hosting an activity gives your organization a chance to be out in the community, to gain exposure and to have fun doing it.

Please contact us at: (520) 223-8030 or by email at

Is it free to be an activity partner?

Yes, it is free to be an activity partner. Yet if you want to be featured in any marketing, or be able to select your location at the event, consider becoming a Featured Activity Partner and Sponsor of Cyclovia Nogales for just $200.

We just ask that you register ahead of time with your proposed activity or we can assign you an activity.  We reserve the right to deny activity partners whose activities are not in keeping with Cyclovia Nogales values (i.e. human powered, family friendly, active, fun!)

Why should I apply for the Featured Activity Partner?

Besides being awesome and donating $200 to keep Cyclovia Nogales free and frequent, you get a lot of value back for that $200. Think of it as a “mini sponsorship” and in return for your support, we feature your activity on the homepage of our website, create an individual page for you on the Cyclovia Nogales website with a photo, description of activity, link to your website, facebook and more. We also include featured activities in our press releases and offer premium location at the event where you get to choose where you want to set up your activity. And, we even snap photos of your activity during the event and post them live on social media, mentioning your company and linking to your website.

What kinds of activities do people set up?

The best activities are those that creatively represent your business or organization, but that get event participants involved. For example, a gym hosting workouts or fitness challenges. A dance group giving short lessons. A clothing store doing a fashion show.  Sometimes activity partners are just individuals who want to share their passion for an activity such as slacklining or hula hooping or playing musical instruments.

I am representing a non-profit organization, am I allowed to table at the event?

There are lots of great organizations doing good work in Nogales, and we invite them to participate in Cyclovia Nogales to share what they do. However, we discourage organizations from simply giving out printed materials during the event. Please consider setting up a fun activity. This will bring more people to your table, and help keep Cyclovia Nogales an active, environmentally friendly event.

Will you provide power / a place to plug-in for activity partners?

We are unable to provide power to activity partners. If your activity The Karam parke has some electrical outlets that can be used during the event. We recommend you visit the park before the event to identify these plugs and be prepared for the day of the event. Another recommendation that we make is to take your electric extensions.

What about tents or tables, do you provide those?

In order to keep Cyclovia Nogales free and frequent, we ask all activity partners to practice radical self-reliance and leave no trace ethics.

Radical self-reliance means remembering to bring all the materials you will need to stay comfortable during the event, including: tables, chairs, pop-up shade tents (must be staked or weighted down!), water, snacks, sunscreen, hats, handkerchiefs, duct tape, scissors, zip-ties, etc. Bring extra to share with neighboring activity partners and make friends!

Leave no trace means exactly that: leave your portion of the park at least as clean, if not cleaner than when you arrived. We thank you for your help keeping Cyclovia’s reputation positive in the communities that host us!

How does set up work?

Instructions on set-up will be sent out at least a week before the event. These instructions include specific times and procedures to set-up and break-down. You will be able to use a vehicle to drop off equipment and supplies, but your vehicle will need to be off the route by no later than 8:30 am sharp. After 1:00 pm, vehicles may carefully enter the route again for loading up and removing equipment.

Ok, I’m in! Where do I sign up?

Click here and fill up the Participate Form
If you have any questions please contact